‘Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil’

The power is in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21 – A powerful truth and an encouraging authority in word. Our ability, upon discovering this scripture should give us an indication of the importance of the message. The fight against ‘Spiritual Warfare’ is determined by what we hear, think, then say, having received clear instruction revealed, through God’s word and the Holy Spirit.

The enemy’s daily onslaught is to remove from our mouths, the Living Waters’purposed for our edification, repentance, and salvation. The truth, not only destroys spiritual strongholds, but also reveals God’s unfathomable love for us. Think about this? How many times have we been weakened by unforgiveness or doubled up in emotional pain by an unresolved situation? (1 Peter 3:8 ) Too scared, to speak the truth in love when what we should do is….

So… ‘Speak the truth and shame the devil’.

It’s ironic, that as believers we struggle in this area. Is it, because we do not declare and decree, the authority that has been given to us in his word? (Luke 10:19)We cannot be like the on the fence believers’(Revelation 3:16). Our walk should be a bold one, full of courage to step out in faith. The devil thrives on our ‘Doubting Thomas’ mentality, which makes it easier for him to capture our imaginations and fill it with negative responses to, situations between others. (scpt). Turning our genuine sorriest to ‘I don’t care’s’ and instilling haughty pride, instead of humility, even manifesting anger and resentment as a substitute for loving others.

So.. ‘Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil’

We have to remind ourselves of ‘who’ and ‘what’ the enemy is and what he is here to do, in order to fight his methodical schemes. (Revelation 12:9)

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Petula Hippolyte Freelance Writer/Proof reader and Blogger


Author: Theo Ambrose

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