‘Our Brother & Sister’s Keeper’

Our Brother & Sister’s Keeper’

The ‘renewing’ of the mind can be tough to embrace, if we’re not willing to forgo and allow ourselves to decrease and let the spirit of God increase in our undeserved self- importance. The responsibility (James 5:19) to help our brothers and sisters, by using the word and holy- spirit leading, in human relationships, can be fraught with disputes and unloving gestures; however, it is an accountability of paramount significance, according to the bible. (Rom 12 4-6)

The bible tells us, about intervening when one is being led astray by the world. This is our duty (2 Tim 4:1-5) some will react and see this as judgement, instead of receiving it, as a ‘gentle rebuke’. Often our resistance to ‘walking in love’ can be tinged with self-righteousness and offenses. Even our language becomes filled with criticism and smugness, rather than spiritual principal. We then start adopting the ‘enemy’s sayings,’ which exposes our egotistical attitudes towards each other. These acts of unkindness are more prevalent within social media apps, especially on Face book, notoriously known for its unfiltered gateway to unguarded memes. By way of intentional misleading, with statements such as these…..

‘I want to be around likeminded positive people’….. ‘Know your circle’…..’I don’t want negative people around me’….’Surround yourself with the movers and the shakers’.

Nevertheless, the bible states (Eph 5:1-2) andit’s easy to see how subtle the enemy can be, at influencing our thought patterns, because while you may think that the above comments sound positive and empowering to those in the world. However, to true believers, would these kinds of attitudes be welcomed in the Kingdom? (Gal 5:19-26)(Gal 6 2-4) They can be seenas, mere conflict-ridden tools, to encourage disobedience and promote sin. Therefore, we need to be on our guard! Here’s what else the word says, to encourage us against the spiritual warfare, that rages within. (Luke- 14:11) (Co 12:24-25)

When we start thinking high-mindedly of ourselves. Not wanting to associate with those who remind us of poverty, insecurities, and old habits and ultimately, giving way to unwanted negative feelings. So the bible warns us of this. (Pro 14:21, 31) Only being around those who make us feel good about ourselves, it’s easier to declare spiritual superiority, under these circumstances, just by exposing our conduct towards each other. This is not morally healthy! Consider what the bible says here (Prov 28:23)

We compare and assess; yet, we say we want to be more like Jesus!?

Consequently, it does not help when the thin line, between the emergence of motivational talks, videos and books are ‘absent of spiritual principles’, which appeals more to the flesh, rather than the spirit. Convincingly, taking into account that, everyone is at different stages of spiritual maturity, so more susceptible to its ‘narcissistic doctrines’ and exactly what the enemy intended. As a result, it does not negate the fact that, if we don’t put the word into operation, then we have failed at being, our brothers and sisters keeper. (Eph 4:16)

The bible reminds us simply and clearly. ‘Do unto others, as you would have done unto you’ and we should ‘love our neighbours, as we love ourselves’. We may not always get it right all the time, but God is a loving God and the gift of grace, allows our hearts to learn and grow from our mistakes.

If we are truly to become our Brother and Sister’s keeper.

(Romans 14:10, 19) (Rom 15:1-5)


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