A Blessing or a Curse – Social Media

When God made ‘Man and Woman’ in his image and likeness (Gen1:26)we were also blessed with his abilities to create wonderful things. However, originally our disobedience and fallen state meant we were left, to toil the earth instead of enjoying a life of ease and reaping the natural resources and ruling with dominance. (Gen 3:17)

In spite of the fact, that we still carried his inventiveness with us – tangible things that has made our lives conveniently, a lot easier. Throughout time, our innate God- given sense of creativity has spawned amazing inventions, from building rocket ships to discovering Atoms and ascertaining how our bodies work and infinitely so much more.

The onset of 21st Century living could be said, heralded the age of the most ground-breaking time, in technological history. The computer was born and Social Media had not been used in the way that we use it today. The mainframe was and is much like the human brain, a hi-tech device that houses millions, if not trillions of stored information- now so sophisticated it can operate on its own, just as well as human intelligence, by coded instruction. Just like us!

A sign of fallen man’s pre-occupation with chasing ‘God-like’ status? Because of this, Man now proclaims they are God!

So could the inception of Social Media, be one of the signs of prophetic lamenting? Which the bible states, ’Inventors of evil things‘(Romans1: 29). We know that the creators of the W.W.W (World Wide Web) no longer suggests, but proudly, overtly declares, global dominance over our public and personal information – Abuse of power, by a small minority of clever people or a brilliant example, of human ingenuity? The globalisation of interpersonal, interactive business, conducted by the tapping of the QWERTY keyboard, seems pretty harmless, wouldn’t you say?

The advantages – it appears, balances out its innumerable benefits, which we reap, of a ready- made pool of information, where convenience reigns and we would not be the same without it. Biblical scriptures and recorded video sermons bless the converted, while ministering to non-believers. Job seekers the online bible of agency sites and daily updates in registered emails. The opportunity of brand labelled clothing, at slashed prices and delivered to your, in a matter of days. As well as, the vast array of YouTube tutorials, on how to do pretty much anything, from DIY to hair and make-up or even developing your culinary skills and managing your finances. Cheaper holiday packages and comparison sites, offering huge discounts for the discernible online shopper. Historic articles on infamous pioneers who shape the way we live now. Albeit, distant relatives and old friends meet and talk for the first time, after many years online, from across the world in seconds.

Even marriage partners developed from months of Skype conversations, professing undying love for one another; make it to the church on time. Studying an array of subjects, affords the less able- bodied to learn something new, in the comfort of their own home. Grown men and women, rekindling teenage moments, experiencing the emotional angst of lost or new love, by downloading favoured tracks, from back in the ‘good old days’, where real music existed and made them feel momentarily happy again.

The boom of Social Media, makes for good business it seems ….or does is it?

A tap of a key and the world is at your fingertips. What an invention! Such creativity!

Nevertheless, there is a sinister side to this powerful human construct. The bible clearly indicates the state of our true fallen nature (Jeri 17:9-10) On the surface, the seemingly innocent looking, sleek laptop, or computer in the office, albeit your regular internet cafe one, conceals the worst of human depravity, in all its unspeakable wickedness.

Faceless duplicity operates behind colourful screens and stylised imagery. Paedophile gangs, which target innocent children, whilst pornography tempts the weak, destroying marriages and giving rise to dysfunctional men/women and young adults, who believe the fantasy – Expectant of the same in reality! As if, that was not evil enough, bestiality sites, promote its benefits, boasting their profanity. ‘Well you can’t get pregnant by a dog or a horse’? (Rom 1 22-32) Homosexuality and Lesbianism endorsed as the new normal relationship standards, for heterosexual men and women, subliminally instilled, in subtle ads on flickering computer screens. The influx of the rise and rise of gambling sites that are no longer constrained to street corners, instead, facilitating your groomed addictive personality, while you fritter away your money for the fun of it.

Not forgetting, fake Bank Advisors, sending emails requesting account details, desperate to rob you of your hard earned cash. All the while, property websites offer you rental space that only exists on screen and in photo shop imaginary, but insists on cash up front, before you view its bricks and mortar. Nothing can be more depressing than viewing – Anorexic, self-taught ‘gurus’, encouraging young girls and boys to aim for mannequin status, (Matthew 15:13-15) by guiding you step by step – ‘10 ways to’, convincing you to purge yourself of anything wholesome, and by doing it, only brings you one step closer to death. The Face book and Instagram apps lures you into a false sense of security, while beguiling your fleshly desires to show, tell and expose more of yourself on a daily basis, just to be liked and approved by others – The list is disturbingly endless!

In all of these scenarios, Social Media acts as a vehicle, allowing the human experience to express itself, publically and globally with no filter. So the question of whether Social Media seeks to enhance our lives, and evidently there are clearly visible signs for that. Conversely, there is an undeniable case of permeated human immorality that exposes our weaknesses and searches to corrupt those, who are open to it.

When God made ‘Man and Woman’ in his likeness and image, (Gen1:26)we inherited his creative genius, and our God-given ability to create, comes with a price.

So is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse? You decide…

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Author: Theo Ambrose

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